One of Android's advantages over the competition has always been customization. From third party launchers to manufacturer skins and even complete freedom over the homescreen layout, no two Android devices are certain to look the same. Thanks to yet another Pixel 4 leak, we now know that Google is taking Android's customization prowess one step further with the help of several new apps.

The Pixel 4 has been leaked to the point that we know more about the handset than we don't know. And with hardware leaks come a barrage of new, unseen software begging to be shown off. That brings us to today's exciting apps from Google.

The theming app empowers users to dial in the look and feel of their Pixel phones for ultimate personalization. Some of the available options include system-wide font adjustments, new icon shapes, and color accents, such as blue, brown, green, purple, and more. Owners can also save multiple variations of their favorite theming options to switch things up on the fly.


If you have a device running Android 10 and you'd like to try out some of these features before the official theming app arrives, you can toggle through these options now. Simply enable Developer options, scroll down to the theming category, and choose your preferred system accent color, font styles, and icon shapes.

WARNING: The following apps were pulled from a Pixel 4, and may cause unwanted behavior with other devices. Sideload at your own risk.

You can download the Pixel launcher to your handset through APK Mirror, along with the Pixel Themes 10 app to unlock customization options on your device. Once installed, you can access the new theming engine by finding the "Styles" tab in the wallpaper picker. Please note that you will need to run the following ADB command before these themes can be written to your device:

adb shell pm grant android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

The Google Wallpaper app will also be receiving an update alongside the Pixel 4, which you can snag beta 10 now through APK Mirror. You'll also want to grab the Pixel Wallpapers 19 10 APK that features new customizable wallpapers and landscapes.

Aside from visual customizations, Google is introducing a native voice recording application aptly titled Recorder. Its functionality is pretty straightforward: hit the red button at the bottom of the screen to start a recording. Once the file has been saved, recordings can be replayed or shared with contacts, messaging apps, or Google Drive. Recorder isn't a Pixel 4 exclusive, so you can sideload the app now through APK Mirror.


Although these apps will debut alongside the Pixel 4 series, they will most likely be brought to the rest of the Pixel lineup through a future Android 10 update.

For those who thought the Recorder app from the massive Pixel 4 APK leak was a bit barebones, today's news offers a stroke of optimism. Despite technically being unreleased software, Recorder has already received an update that includes auto transcription to convert speech to written text and audio search that can locate files based on the words spoken within them. Even better, these features work on-device without the need for an internet connection.

The Recorder app update is rolling out via the Play Store now. You can also grab the latest version from APK Mirror here.