After recently receiving some additional timer settings, OnePlus’ Zen Mode app is picking up a set of challenges and a fresh reward system, as part of an update to version 1.4. With its new 21-day ZZZen challenge, the Chinese company wants you to avoid blinding yourself with a smartphone screen before hitting the bed.

Psychologists that OnePlus subscribes to believe that a person can develop a habit in 21 days, hence the timeframe. While in the initial setup, you’ll be asked to assign yourself a two-hour time slot in which you aim to sleep every night. Failing to activate Zen Mode within this window or missing a day will result in you failing the challenge. If you succeed for 21 consecutive days, OnePlus will award you with a virtual medal and, hopefully, you’ll also develop the habit that the smartphone maker is trying for.

Aside from this 21-day Zen Transformation, you can also participate in dares of shorter durations, although they won’t help you get in the groove. Currently, the app only lists 7-day and 14-day challenges, with more possibly on the way. These fun-size rounds don’t require you to schedule a sleeping time and let you participate at any point during the day.

You can find the entire changelog below. The update is still slowly rolling out on the Play Store, so if you don't have the new version yet, you can grab it from APK Mirror and sideload it on your compatible OnePlus devices.


* Add 21 ZZZen challenge;
* Add medal awards for continue 7 and 14 days open Zen Mode;
* UI optimization;
* Some bug fixes.

OnePlus Zen Mode
OnePlus Zen Mode
Developer: OnePlus Ltd.
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