Google Fi is joining the growing list of apps with a built-in dark theme. We saw hints that this theme was being developed — starting with a data usage widget —back in April. Now, it seems that the full theme is finally ready for deployment.

This latest update to the app brings a dark mode consistent with other Google apps. Both the Google and Gmail apps have recently received a similar treatment. The formerly blinding white Fi UI takes on a dark grey color when dark mode is enabled. To control the new theme, the Fi app has an option in the phone "Phone settings" menu. This will allow users to manually choose between the light and dark themes or have it automatically adjust based on the current system setting for Android 10.

Google Fi subscribers eager to try out the new dark theme can find it in the latest version of the Fi companion app. This is the same version of the app that rolled out alongside the recently released Google Fi Unlimited plan (v19). However, there's a server-side component that enables the feature on v19 of the app. If you don't have dark mode yet, you'll just have to wait for Google to flip the switch.

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