If you're an owner of an Arlo security system with a compatible hub — Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Ultra, or the new Arlo Pro 3 — and want to add another camera for not much coin, then here is a great deal for you: Best Buy is selling the single add-on Arlo Pro 2 security camera for $136 — that's $16 less than the last time we took a look at it.

The Arlo Pro 2 security system was launched in 2017 to great reviews and it is still one of the best home security camera options on the market. It can record 130-degree 1080p videos, has night vision, a microphone, and a speaker. Thanks to its 2,440 mAh user-replaceable and swappable battery, it can be mounted practically anywhere around the house — both indoor and outdoor. One of the Arlo Pro 2's best features is the 7-day free cloud storage option that Arlo, unfortunately, took away from its subsequent security systems, such as the Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 3 — but that's not an issue here.

Amazon is also selling the same single add-on camera for $137, which is just a dollar more than the Best Buy deal. It's a Prime item, however, so the shipping is likely to be faster than Best Buy and if you happen to be an Amazon Chase card member, you'll get some 3x bonus points as well. You decide which option makes more sense.

With a single camera for the Arlo Pro 3 (2K) and Arlo Ultra (4K) costing $200 and $300, respectively, paying $136 for a quality 1080p Arlo Pro 2 is a good value.