Comcast subscribers lost the option to set DVR recordings remotely after the company's failed legal battle against TiVo back in 2017, leaving customers without a convenient way to schedule and monitor their recordings away from their TV. More than two years later, the entertainment conglomerate has finally managed to add back DVR functionality to the Xfinity app and web service.

Some customers probably already noticed the return of DVR control when they opened the Xfinity Stream app for the first time after the latest update, which started rolling out on the Play Store on September 24. A banner informs them that they can now schedule recordings on the go and stream them anywhere they like. The Xfinity interface then adds options to record TV shows and movies and set up schedules to automatically download series as episodes become available. The same is true for the Xfinity website, which also allows you to manage your recorded content in the same way that it used to.

In a forum post, Comcast officially confirmed the return of the feature:

Remote DVR Functionality Restored
Today, September 23, the Remote DVR functionality on Xfinity Stream and Xfinity TV Remote app was restored. The functionality lets you record, modify and/or cancel DVR recordings via the web portal ( or apps. Due to a legal ruling, we disabled the feature in 2017.

Let's hope the company was extra careful this time around and won't get sued for the new implementation. You can check the Play Store for the latest Xfinity Stream update, and we'll have it available on APK Mirror shortly.

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Xfinity Stream
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