We know how commoditized the microSD card market is at the moment. Frankly speaking, if you need to just store things forever, a drawer full of cards might be good and cheap enough for your parents to care for. But if you're actively using them in your cameras and computers, you'll probably want to invest a little bit more. The good news is that you can get a SanDisk 400GB Extreme card for just a little cheaper than usual right now.

SanDisk likes to use fun adjectives to class how fast its memory cards can go. In this case, the Extreme is one step up from the basic Ultra card, boasting a typical transfer read speed of 160MB per second — 60% better than the Ultra. If that rating wasn't enough for you, it's also got the V30 badge to show that it's fit for 4K video recording, U3-rated to indicate a minimum write speed of 30MB per second, and an A2 rating to show that it can run heavy-duty Android apps on up to 4,000 input-output operations a second. That speed on such a massive card definitely makes the difference in transferring huge files.

This card debuted just over a year ago and has taken a very precipitous price fall in its first few months. However, we've just caught it at its best price yet of $85 even. Frankly speaking, only Amazon has this price — you may pay $6 or $7 more at other places right now. And, let's be honest here, that's three tacos (or more) for Taco Tuesday.