As has become nearly customary for OnePlus, the 7T's announcement last week has been immediately followed by the device's kernel source release. If you're a custom ROM developer, an enthusiast, or a general modder, you'll find that code necessary for your future tinkering.

The 7T is already getting a lot of praise for its performance, software, and decent camera, but it's certainly OnePlus' openness to the modding community that keeps several fans coming back to its phones. Releasing the kernel code for the 7T mere days after its announcement reinforces that commitment.

If you want to check out the code just to satisfy your curiosity, or you'd like to try porting some features to older devices, build mods for OnePlus devices, or if you're into making full-blown custom ROMs, you can get started at the GitHub link below. And for enthusiastic users like us, that means more features and better ROMs should be coming our way soon.