With Google's October event fast approaching, more and more devices slated to be unveiled on that date are showing up in leaks and at regulatory bodies. We've already received word that the upcoming Google Wifi follow-up, likely to be called Nest Wifi, could be one of them and feature speakers and microphones for Assistant support. Two entries for "Interactive internet streaming device[s]" appeared today at the FCC today, dubbed A4R-H2D and A4R-H2E, and judging from the naming convention, it sure looks like those could be the purported Nest Wifi and its beacons.

Previous Google smart home devices have all sported the prefix A4R, and thanks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Thread support, we can conclude it's highly likely the devices that surfaced at the FCC today are successors to the Wifi. It's interesting that we get two individual entries – this makes us believe Google is switching to a system consisting of a base station (H2E) and beacons (H2D), as opposed to the Wifis of old that all used to be the same.

Multiple references to beamforming show up in FCC's reports and tests. This should allow the new Wifis to use their array of antennas to direct a stronger signal to specific devices as needed. That could help you speed up downloads or make your connection more stable while streaming or playing online games. Sadly, Wi-Fi 6 doesn't seem to be included, as the specifications only speak of WLAN 11a/b/g/n/ac.

Even though previous rumors have pointed to a built-in Assistant, there's no supporting evidence at the FCC so far, except for the "interactive" part of the "internet streaming device" label. But since the FCC is mainly regulating radio signals, that information isn't likely to be included in its reports.