Googles new monthly subscription-based app service called Play Pass landed just earlier this week, promising access to hundreds of apps for $5 a month — or $2 for your first year if you subscribe before October 10th. We've told you how to set it up, we've put together a list of all the apps included that we can find, and we've explained who we think it's a good value for. With each of us being our own app connoisseur, have you decided to pick up a subscription to Google Play Pass?

In case you aren't familiar, the short version is that Google is rolling out a subscription service sort of like Apple Arcade, except that it isn't just for games, you get other apps for productivity, photography, and even sleep tracking, too. The selection changes every month, and all apps are free of ads and in-app purchases. A Play Pass subscription can be shared with up to six family members, but for the time being, it is US-only. Though the price will ultimately rise to $5 a month later, it's $2 a month for the first year for those that sign up now, and there is a 10-day free trial.

Looking at a list of apps available via Play Pass, the selection isn't the best, but it's set to expand as more developers join the program. Right now it's an invite-only affair, excluding most app makers, but there is a nomination process.

For app addicts, mobile gamers, or parents, the new subscription-based service could pose a good value, though folks that are more picky about their purchases might save cash picking up their favorites standalone. Have you taken the plunge, or is Play Pass a pass?

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