It has been more than a year since Google revamped its music and video offerings with the YouTube brand front and center. The company signaled that YouTube Music would eventually replace Play Music, and it's moving one step closer to making that a reality. Devices that ship with Android 10 will no longer have the Play Music app pre-installed. Instead, they'll have YouTube Music.

You can, of course, go to the Play Store and install the YouTube Music app right now. Android 10 saves you the trouble, though. If you're still using Play Music, you can go to the store to grab that app on Android 10... at least for now. Google intends to retire the Play Music app eventually, but it's promised to bring YouTube Music to parity with Play Music before killing the older service.

Making YouTube Music the default music app on Android is a big step. A lot of people will just start using YouTube Music because it's in the Google folder on the home screen. However, it still lacks many of Play Music's most popular features like uploaded music libraries. Hopefully, Google gets around to that before it pulls the plug on Play Music.