Although foldable phones are still in their nascent stage, often riddled with teething problems and multiple delays, they're being developed and fervently hyped by more and more players interested in them becoming the next big thing. Motorola, like Samsung and Huawei, will be releasing a foldable smartphone of its own using its RAZR branding before the end of 2019, according to an individual with close ties to Motorola.

The phone was initially rumored for a February release, and after that didn't pan out, the RAZR was then tipped to debut during the summer. With summer behind us, it's now reportedly on track to hit the market sometime in 2019 — just three more months remaining.

Most of what we know so far is based on leaks and published documentation from the Bluetooth SIG website. The handset is rumored to feature an internal bendable screen that is smaller than the folding screens found on the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, with an even smaller secondary display on the outer casing. It will have the word RAZR somewhere in its name, arrive packed with unique Moto features, and should be priced around $1,500.

With Samsung releasing the Galaxy Fold today and Huawei rumored to be releasing its almost-ready Mate X around November, Motorola has just a few months left in 2019 to debut its folding smartphone to capture the curiosity and wallets of holiday shoppers. Let's hope it doesn't suffer from any further delays or manufacturing issues.