Wi-Fi video doorbells are much more convenient than traditional ones in the sense that they let you keep an eye on your front door wherever you are. However, it can be painful to look for your phone or tablet when someone rings the bell, which is why they're a lot more practical when used in combination with a smart display. Buying both can quickly break the bank, though, but thanks to this deal, you can get a free Echo Show 5 with the purchase of a Ring Video Doorbell 2, which saves you about $90 on the device's retail price.

The smart doorbell features a 1080p camera with night vision to see who's visiting at night, and with two-way audio so you can talk to visitors remotely. It also has motion sensing and can notify you when someone's at your door before they even ring the bell. It can operate within -5°F to 120°F and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The built-in battery pack lets you forgo wires and place the Video Doorbell 2 wherever you want, but it can also hard-wired if you'd rather not worry about charging it. Unfortunately, it only comes with cloud storage options to save your footage, with subscriptions costing $3 to $10 a month.

As for the Echo 5, it's a smaller Echo Show with virtually the same features, as it also comes with Alexa, a built-in camera, and microphones. The device also has a physical camera shutter and a button to cut off its microphone to respect your privacy.