For younger folks, it's hard to believe that there was ever a world without Google. Finding something on the internet has always been synonymous with Google for me, since I'm a little older than the search engine itself. But boy, Google had much busier teenage years than me as it grew into one of the world's biggest corporations and even started selling its own hardware. Today, Google turns 21, as it points out in the latest doodle, which means it can now legally drink in its home nation.

To celebrate this birthday, the company is offering 21% off select Google Store purchases in most European countries — sorry US readers, this doesn't apply to you.

The discount allows you to get the Pixel 3a for about £315/€315, and getting it directly from Google means you get the company's stellar support during the device's warranty. Similarly, the new Google Nest Hub Max is available for about £173 while its smaller sibling will only set you back £94/€102.  Just keep in mind that product availability varies widely across Europe, so your local store might not have these products.

The discount is applicable for all purchases except for Stadia pre-orders and subscriptions to services such as Nest Aware. You'll need to enter the coupon code B-GOOGLE21 at checkout to get the money taken off. The campaign is valid for various devices in almost all European countries where the Google Store is available — Swiss shoppers seem to be the only ones left out.