In a move that should come as a surprise no one, the Pixel Slate is on sale once again. At launch, the Pixel Slate wasn't exactly well received. Initial reviews, including our own, took issue with slow performance, unreliable Bluetooth connectivity, and an exorbitant price that made it hard to recommend. However, this latest promotion may tempt those who were initially interested in the Pixel Slate.

Only three models remain available for purchase after Google discontinued the sluggish, Celeron-powered entry level Pixel Slate. The remaining models, which include the Core m3, Core i5 and Core i7 variants have been discounted by several retailers. This deal may seem familiar as we featured an identical price drop just last month.

This latest deal includes a $250 price cut and a free detachable keyboard. Interested buyers have the choice of either the first-party Pixel Slate Keyboard (a $199 value) or the Brydge G-Type keyboard (a $160 value) when purchasing from the Google Store. The same deal is available from third party retailers, including Best Buy and B&H Photo. These bundles are only available with the Pixel Slate Keyboard.

The Pixel Slate's high resolution 12.3" LCD panel and dual front-firing speakers make this device an excellent choice for those looking to watch video content or browse the web. Other stand-out features include two USB-C ports and a fingerprint sensor. The Google Store sale runs through September 29.