Google has finally seen fit to give us a dark theme in Android 10, but there's very little to the functionality aside from the quick settings toggle. There's not even so much as a schedule for turning on and off dark mode, but Tasker is here to help with v5.8.5. This bastion of automation now plugs into Android's dark theme settings, opening up all manner of customization.

Dark mode isn't the whole story here—there's a changelog with a few other items of interest. Here's the full list.

v5.8.5 - 2019/09/26

Importable Projects/Profiles/Tasks for this release available here.


  • Added Dark Mode action for Android 8+ (only works reliably on Android 10+). Demo here.
  • Added automatic Light/Dark mode for the Tasker app appearance itself. Demo here.
  • Added Dark Mode State (Android 8+). Demo here
  • Let users know that on Android 10 Tasker always needs the permission to draw over other apps.


  • Fixed Go Home action not being able to go to a page higher than 20
  • Fixed a few crashes


  • Always show option to backup to Google Drive instead of giving the option to not be reminded again

The latest version of Tasker includes three dark mode features. First, there's support for dark mode in the Tasker app itself. That's nice if you plan to do some tinkering late at night. More useful is the Dark Mode State, allowing you to trigger events based on whether or not Android's Dark Theme is turned on. Tasker also supports a Darm Mode Action—it can turn dark mode on and off on your phone. You can use this to change the setting based on the time of day, but also when you open certain apps or perform other actions.

While the dark theme settings might work on select devices running Android 8 or higher, it's only intended for use on Android 10. You can give it a shot in the latest version of Tasker, which is live in the Play Store right now. It costs $2.99 if you don't already own it.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49