Usually Spotify's custom playlists are all about music discovery, but two new additions we spotted over the weekend are for the exact opposite. Named "On Repeat" and "Repeat Rewind," the two new custom playlists don't seem to appear for everyone, and they're both populated by songs you've played frequently. On Repeat focuses on the things you're listening to right now, and Repeat Rewind targets songs from a few months ago.

Spotify is well known for performing extensive A/B tests for pretty much everything, and that would appear to be the case with these two new repeat playlists. Neither of them has appeared for anyone else at Android Police for now, and we've only spotted one other report, so I've included links to mine below:

On Repeat is described as containing thirty "songs you love right now," while Repeat Rewind invites you to "dip back into some old favorites." Based on the content of my playlists, On Repeat mostly has songs frequently listened to over the last 1-2 months, while Repeat Rewind has music from a bit further back, on the order of 3-6 months ago.

Both of the playlists appeared for me via the Android app on the Home tab under the "Uniquely yours" header section on Friday afternoon. They didn't seem to be present on the desktop or web versions until after they had been played via mobile, at which point they appeared in my library.

Spotify's music discovery and custom playlists are among the best out there, and while it might seem inconsistent for the company to push out a pair of playlists specifically against discovering new music, it does give you a convenient way to examine your current musical tastes. They'll also come in handy if you want to listen to something you know you'll like, since you've listened to the contents of both playlists frequently. Hopefully, the new On Repeat and Repeat Rewind playlists roll out more widely soon.

Spotify officially announced these two playlists and has rolled them out globally to all users. As we surmised, On Repeat is for the songs you've played the most over the past month, whereas Repeat Rewind is for songs you used to frequently play one month ago and earlier. The two auto-update and won't show the same songs so you shouldn't have any overlap between them.