There are many fitness tracking apps around to monitor your runs, rides, and other workouts. Over the past few years, several of them have been acquired by athletic apparel and footwear manufacturers, which usually made them part of their overall fitness offering. For instance, Under Amour integrated Map My Fitness and Edomondo into its portfolio, and Asics did the same with Runkeeper. Adidas also went shopping back in 2015, when it bought Runtastic. Two years later, the company shut down its miCoach ecosystem, prompting users to migrate to the newly acquired service. The German brand now pushed the integration further, as it officially renamed Runtastic to Adidas Running.

Together with the name change, the app received a fresh coat of paint, which is more aligned with Adidas' visual identity. The new appellation also better resonates with people who are part of the company's running clubs, encouraging them to download the app. Similarly, it's an opportunity for Adidas to market its products in its app, as it says it will soon integrate benefits and rewards.

The changes have no impact on the existing features and training history and are mostly cosmetic for now.