Amazon has made a busy day for the consuming public: we've just parsed our way through the Echo speakers, the smart oven, other smart ephemera, and a raft of booster shots to Alexa. Now, we're covering the Amazon subsidiaries that have products coming out this fall. For eero, it has revamped its mesh Wi-Fi base station while Ring has a pair of cameras and a bridge between its Alarm hub and older alarm systems. Both are putting price pressure on their respective marketplaces.

The price war for mesh Wi-Fi is on: eero has a chunkier physicality than its second-gen design, but it does the same job as before — bring dual-band coverage all across 1,500 sq. ft. (or up to 5,000 sq. ft. if you buy a 3-pack). All of this should be easy to setup within 10 minutes and easy to manage. Users can ask Alexa to turn routers on or off and see how much data is being used from where. But again, it's that cost: $99 for one, $249 for a trio, literally half off the previous-generation routers. Shipping's on now if you want to buy one.

Ring also has a new camera out right now: the $60 Indoor Cam is a plug-in 1080p camera with two-way talk, motion detection, and night vision. You can connect it to your Alexa hub to see what's going on and to set it on Home Mode, where every camera and microphone is turned off.

Another camera you can pre-order right now is the Ring Stick Up Cam — basically the Indoor Cam with a little weatherproofing, more versatile mounting, and an additional power source option besides the wall: batteries or via a solar panel. Deliveries begin late in October for $100 and $150, respectively.

Considering that you're looking at 50% premiums or more for comparable cameras elsewhere, competitors may end up desperately twisting some bolts on what to do next.

Finally, there's the Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit to make your existing home alarm system work with a Ring Alarm Hub. It will be available later this year for $200 alone or bundled with a Hub for $375.