We're officially into fall, if you can believe it. Is it too early to start shopping for stocking stuffers? We've got plenty of good candidates this week, including Amazon's Echo Wall Clock (I don't know how big your stockings are), a pocket-friendly power bank from Anker, and a bunch of accessories by Aukey.

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD: $35 ($11 off)

  • Anker PowerCore 10000 PD power bank — $34.99, $11 off (Amazon)

Anker's PowerCore 10000 PD power bank is very convenient, being pocket-size and USB-C-compatible. That USB-C port will kick out up to 18 watts, and the additional USB-A port is capable of pushing up to 10 watts. Normally about $46, it's down to $35 on Amazon.

Echo Wall Clock: $25 ($5 off)

  • Amazon Echo Wall Clock — $24.99, $5 off (Amazon)

Amazon makes all kinds of goofy Alexa-compatible gadgets — in the context of stuff like smart microwaves, the Echo Wall Clock is pretty mild. It tells time, obviously, but it'll also show timers from a paired Echo speaker. It's never really expensive at $30, but it's even cheaper now at $25.

Aukey two-port car charger: $5 ($2 off)

  • Aukey two-port car charger — $4.99 with coupon, $2 off (Amazon)

This car charger from Aukey has two USB-A ports that supply up to 12 watts of power apiece, and it's super tiny. For its usual seven bucks, it's already firmly in impulse buy territory, and coupon code QCHR94PO will take a couple more bucks off.

Two Aukey smart plugs: $17 ($6 off)

  • Two Aukey smart plugs — $16.99 with coupon, $6 off (Amazon)

Grab a pair of Aukey smart plugs and automate a pair of lamps (or whatever else you plug in). They're Assistant-compatible, and with coupon code GJBI2M2Q, you can get two for just $17.

Aukey B40 Bluetooth earbuds: $18 ($12 off)

  • Aukey B40 Bluetooth earbuds — $17.99 with coupon, $12 off (Amazon)

Aukey's Bluetooth earbuds are solid for the price, and that gets even truer when they're on sale. The B40 are aptX-compatible, last up to eight hours on a single charge, and are IPX4-certified water-resistant. They do charge with micro-USB, which is a bummer — but they're also just $18 with coupon code M6RYKL6D.