Cloudflare has long focused on internet security and content delivery, but it has been leaning into the consumer space lately. It started with the DNS app and then announced the WARP VPN service earlier this year. However, the waitlist has just been growing ever since. Cloudflare says WARP is finally available to everyone starting today.

A VPN is essentially an encrypted channel for all of your web traffic. That keeps your online activity private, assuming you trust the VPN provider. WARP is available in the app and comes in free and paid tiers. The free one is truly free and unlimited, but it's not as fast as the paid WARP+ service. The cost varies by region, but it's $4.99/mo in the US (it's about the cost of a Big Mac wherever you are).

WARP was supposed to launch earlier this summer, but the waitlist just kept growing. Apparently, it took longer than expected to build the desired functionality without slowing down devices or wasting battery. Now that it's done, Cloudflare says its WARP service is better than other VPNs, but of course it would say that. You can try it and come to your own conclusion, though. To make up for the delay, those on the waiting list get 10GB of free traffic on the faster WARP+ tier.