You might associate Anker primarily with charging accessories, but it's been making a go of Bluetooth audio with its Soundcore devices. Today, the company has announced six new products under the Soundcore brand, including the premium Liberty 2 Pro true wireless earbuds and the budget-conscious Spirit 2 earbuds.

Anker's new products are split into two groups. There's the flagship Liberty lineup and the cheaper Spirit earbuds. The main difference between the two is that Liberty has more advanced audio and features, while the Spirit lineup focuses on sport functionality.

Liberty 2

The Liberty 2 are the entry-level offering in the Liberty-series. These are in-ear type earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX support. Anker promises 8 hours of playback and another 32 hours in the battery case. They'll cost $99.99 when they launch next month.

Liberty Air 2

The Liberty Air 2 are a bit larger than the Liberty 2—they're a "stick" form factor a bit like the AirPods. They still have BT 5.0 and aptX, but these earbuds gain Qi wireless charging. Battery life is a bit weaker than the Liberty 2 with 7 hours per charge and 28 hours in the case. The Liberty Air 2 will also cost $99.99 when they launch next month.

Liberty 2 Pro

The Liberty 2 Pro have the same form factor as the Liberty 2, but Anker says they have more powerful and well-balanced drivers. They have BT 5.0, aptX, wireless charging, and the same battery life as the Liberty 2. Anker also notes these earbuds have a Type-C port (it doesn't specify for the other Liberties). The Liberty 2 Pro will cost $149.99 when they launch on October 8th. Anker will start taking pre-orders on September 26th.

Spirit 2

The Spirit 2 are traditional Bluetooth earbuds with a wire connecting the left and right sides. They're good for 14 hours of use per charge, and they have a USB Type-C port. These will launch immediately for $49.99.

Spirit Dot 2

The Spirit Dot 2 are true wireless, but they're cheaper than the Liberty series. They only advertise 5.5 hours of use and 16 hours in the charging case. However, you do get USB-C charging, and they're only $79.99. Anker will launch these next month.

Spirit X2

If you're sick of earbuds coming loose during a workout, the Spirit X2 have a much more stable earhook design. They have larger drivers and better battery life than the other Spirit earbuds, and they're IP68 rated. The case has USB-C, too. These will be out next month for $99.99.