Amazon just reported that Alexa is now available on over 85,000 devices, a 41% spike from May, from 9,500 brands — up another 28.3% from four months ago. With those kinds of numbers, it is paramount that more thought be put into a user's sense of privacy and security when they own an Alexa product. Today, the company announced a number of improvements, features, and skills it has worked towards in the past year with some new features available from today — notably including the coming addition of Samuel L. Jackson as a voice for Alexa.

We've compiled most of these milestones and upgrades as was announced during Amazon's event today into a handy-dandy bullet point list. You may find a couple more details we may have not listed at the Amazon Day One blog here.

  • A 50% reduction in false detection of wake words.
  • Home mode: Amazon devices are set to not record audio or video while users are at home.
  • New data controls: "Alexa, delete what I just said," "Alexa, delete everything I said today," "Alexa, tell me what you heard."
  • Amazon account owners can also now sign up for Auto Delete to have their recordings deleted every 3 or 18 months.
  • Later this year, you'll be able to ask "Alexa, why did you do that?" after a weird occurrence.
  • Food Network Kitchen will be a useful tool for Echo Show owners to track recipes, watch and learn from chefs like Bobby Flay and Rachel Ray, and even check out livestream courses.
  • Celebrity voices: Samuel L. Jackson and other celebrities including Ed Sheeran and Jimmy Fallon will voice out typical Alexa responses. Voice packs start at 99 cents — Jackson's voice (there's a complimentary explicit package, too!) is priced at 99 cents now, but will go up to $4.99 later. Say commands like "Alexa, Ask Sam to wake me up at 7am," though not all types of commands will work in his voice, sadly. All of this is coming later this year.
  • Frustration Detection: Alexa will pick up on your tone and will apologize if you weren't happy with what she just did.
  • Alexa Guest Connect will let your friends change up the playlist on your speakers by accessing music (among other things) they have with their own Amazon and Alexa accounts.
  • Alexa Communications for Kids is a parental whitelist of contacts to control who their kids can talk to via Alexa voice calls.
  • The Alexa Education Skill API will allow schools to connect their digital campus software such as Canvas, Coursera, and Naviance. Parents can ask about their children's grades.
  • Another API will allow users through Alexa voice commands to control their mesh Wi-Fi networks. ASUS, TP-Link, Arris, and Linksys will have integrated products soon.
  • Alexa Hunches have been slow to roll out, but basically, the assistant will ask unprompted if you'd like to create a routine — it will have noticed you doing several activities on a regular basis in order to make the ask.
  • Further down the timeline: Neural Text to Speech will allow Alexa to affect her (the company is really insistent on gender) tone for tasks such as delivering the news or announcing the next song to be played.
  • The Ring Doorbell Elite will soon be able to have Alexa answer the door in a conversational way.
  • Alexa Guard can be turned on for when users leave the house. It will detect sound and pick up on human activity around the area and, if need be, send a text to the user.
  • Also later: Multilingual households in the U.S. will soon be able to talk to Alexa in English and Spanish concurrently. In Canada, the languages will be English and French. In India, they will be English and Hindi.