Android update season is always a bittersweet time for users. While the select few are lucky enough to have a shiny new version delivered OTA to their device within weeks after launch, many users will have to wait months for an update from their manufacturers. However, thanks to recent changes made to Android's code structure, Android 10 is shaping up to be the most rapidly adopted releases of Google's mobile OS. Today, Redmi K20 Pro devices in India are primed for their update.

The Indian release of Android 10 for the Redmi K20 Pro follows closely on the heels of the Chinese launch that miraculously reached devices on day one.

As expected, Xiaomi's MIUI 10 Android skin takes center stage on the K20 Pro. Notable features for this version include:

  • Global Dark Mode
  • Improved Permission Manager
  • Blur App Previews
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Improved Notification Management
  • Front Camera Effects
  • More Ambient Display Presets

Some of the native features found in the stock version of Android 10 have been removed from MIUI 10, such as Google's Smart Reply feature that suggests responses to incoming messages on any installed apps. Digital Wellbeing's Focus mode is also MIA.

MIUI 10 for the Redmi K20 Pro is rolling out as an OTA update to all Indian customers now.