For the people itching to spend upwards of $2,000 to own a Samsung Galaxy Fold, the past several months have been two challenges and a half. From a breakdown in its design to an editorial breakdown, it has taken until this month to re-establish interest (and cancel all pre-orders) on reinforced phablets. Today, the company has announced that anyone in the U.S. who wants a Fold will have to rush to an AT&T, Best Buy, or Samsung Experience Store this Friday to grab one.

An unlocked version will be available at select Best Buy and Samsung retail locations while an AT&T-specific version will also be available at those stores as well as some AT&T carrier shops. This means that if you had a pre-order canceled and got $250 in in-store credit, you likely won't be able to use that credit on your new purchase attempt.

Samsung will go through with the launch of the Galaxy Fold Premier Service — a dedicated call center service that will guide Fold owners on how to fully utilize and take care of their device. Representatives will also be offering Galaxy Buds and aramid fiber covers to customers.

If, in spite of everything, you still want a foldable phablet, YouTube channel JerryRigEverything recently tested the structural integrity of a redesigned Galaxy Fold, so perhaps consider those findings when approaching your new phone.

Again, all of this starts on September 27. Check for your nearest location.