At long last, Google is porting the lockscreen media control widget from Android to Chrome OS.

We first saw Android's media controls roll out with Chrome OS 76 back in August. Now Google's ready to expand these controls from the homescreen to the lockscreen.

This feature that would allow users to control media playback from installed applications, such as YouTube Music, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, as well as content on active webpages, was first discovered by an XDA Senior Member who goes by the name, Some_Random_Username. The user was able to activate the chrome://flags#lock-screen-media-controls flag within the settings of a Chrome OS 79 Canary build.

This same flag has been spotted in Chrome OS 78 Beta builds, as well, though it is absent from Chrome OS 77 Beta.

The Android-style lockscreen media control widget is expected to launch in the official version of Chrome OS 78, alongside Wi-Fi password syncing, and more sometime this fall.