Huawei's much-anticipated Mate 30 was finally revealed just last week, but among the headlining features was a distinct omission: The phone won't ship with access to Google's apps or services, including the Play Store. As an otherwise great-sounding device on paper, we're curious to know if you would ever consider buying a phone like the Mate 30 even if it doesn't come with Google's apps

For those out of the loop, new Huawei phones don't have access to Google's suite of apps as a result of the ongoing trade war with the US. The odds are that a workaround will eventually be found for those willing to get their hands a bit dirty, even if the rumors of an unlockable bootloader for the Mate 30 series may not have panned out.

Without Google's apps, an Android phone doesn't have access to Google's expansive Play Store library. As the primary source of apps and a repository of past purchases for Android users, switching to a third-party app store would be functionally starting from zero. That's a huge price to pay for many of us used to living in Google's ecosystem. Is it a jump you'd be willing to make?

Would you buy a phone without Google's apps?

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