With its Edge browser, Microsoft wanted to start with a clean slate and make people forget about Internet Explorer. In its race to popularity, the company has understood one of the most requested features is dark mode, which is why it just updated its mobile browser to automatically adapt to your system's theme.

Microsoft is gradually updating all of its apps with dark modes, and it just improved the one on Edge as well, as the browser can now use your device's theme and adapt to your preference automatically. This is particularly convenient if you only use dark mode at night or when your battery is running low.

Edge's dark theme, which has already been around for two years, is slightly limited, though, as only the navigation bars and menus are shown in dark grey, including the address bar, tab grid, and settings. Unfortunately, pages remain displayed in their original colors, meaning white sites won't magically turn dark.

The feature is already available in the latest stable version, which you can download using the below link.