A couple of weeks back, Ring released a new "Rapid Ring" app to show you your video feeds much faster, without the bloat or added features of the full Ring app. Initially, it was limited to Australia and the UK, but support has recently expanded to the US and Canada.

According to Ring's support documentation, the new Rapid Ring app is meant to be a "light" version of the full app — not to replace it, but to provide access to the video feed, notifications for events, and activate the Live View more quickly. Ring prefers to call it a "companion" to the full Ring app.

So even though it duplicates functionality in the original app which the company admits is bloated and slow, it's not meant to be a full replacement, just a stripped-down and limited version that's a little less frustrating to use. Or, at least, it would be if it worked. Current reviews on the Play Store peg it as being unable to connect for many.

The new app (when it works) still requires that you use the older, full Ring app for reviewing past events, setting up devices, or changing settings.

We aren't entirely sure when the US and Canada were made compatible with the listing, but it was likely in the last few days. The original help document only listed Australia and the UK, and folks on Reddit noticed that it had gone live in more markets yesterday.

It still isn't available in all markets, but interested parties can download the new Rapid Ring app over at the associated Play Store listing, as well as APK Mirror.

Rapid Ring
Rapid Ring
Developer: Ring.com
Price: Free