If you're a long-suffering LG smartphone owner who just wished that the company would just take a little bit more care of its software... let's just say we've resigned to a level of masochism. Updates are slow to come out and the UI itself contains plenty of outdated motifs. But worse news may be to come as some purported screenshots of the upcoming LG UX 9.1 on top of Android 10 have been uploaded to a South Korean forum.

The screenshots, uploaded by a Meeco user, were both taken on LG V50 ThinQs with comparisons made between the current LG UX 7 based on Android 9 Pie and the forthcoming, far-from-final UX 9.1.

Overall, both interfaces rely heavily on white, but 9.1 shifts away from that with its new notification panel taking on a Gaussian blur effect and defined circular toggles. Settings menus have also taken a slight darkening with an emphasis on categories. The squircle icons have had their sides rounded out slightly. Call it iOS-esque, Samsung One UI-esque or whatever you want, it's certainly a change.

Here's a gallery of the UX 9.1 screenshots.

Note the dark mode toggle at the end of the gallery — a good sign and a good tonic for the whiteness going on in general, but we'll need to see it actually implemented before making final judgments. The author of the Meeco thread also said that LG is still developing its adaptation for Android 10's gesture navigation.

And now, the LG UX 7 screenshots.

So, what do you think? Has LG gone too far? Not far enough? Maybe we should wait until a final release, huh?