After the botched debut of Samsung’s first folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold has been re-engineered and is ready for the mass market. With wide availability just starting to ramp up, JerryRigEverything is here to see if one of the most anticipated Android devices of the year will fold under pressure.

In his latest durability gauntlet, JerryRigEverything is testing a Korean retail variant of the Galaxy Fold version 2, meaning it’s equipped with an improved screen protector and hinge that promise to prevent dust and display separation from interfering with the functionality of the device.

Also worth mentioning, inside the box, just underneath the Galaxy Fold, rests a thin snap-on carbon fiber case, a pair of wireless Galaxy earbuds, and a USB-C charger. Now, without further ado, here’s the Galaxy Fold torture test in full:

Don’t have time to watch the entire video? Jump to your favorite segment of the test:

  • 3:39 — Inside display scratch test
  • 5:18 — Anti-dust hinge lip test
  • 6:23 — Frame, scratch test
  • 8:04 — Rear panel and camera scratch test
  • 9:29 — Inside display heat test
  • 10:29 — Bend test

If you skipped past the video, I won’t give away the ending, because the Galaxy Fold’s stress test is something worth watching with your own eyes, but — SPOILER ALERT — this second iteration of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone performs very poorly in the scratch and anti-dust tests, and quite admirably in the heat and bend tests.

Overall, JerryRigEverything relegated a final durability score to his viewers.

You can join the waitlist to purchase your own Samsung Galaxy Fold here at a starting price of $1,980.