Email client? Work chat client? Why not have one app for both? So thinks Ginger Labs — the people behind iOS annotation app Notability — who have come up with a new messaging medium cheekily called Twobird. This metaphorical single stone, which lets users craft notes, to-do lists, spreadsheets, and accumulate replies all on an in-line thread, is now available for early access on the Google Play Store.

You'll find plenty of your modern email staples including automated clean-up and sorting boxes and snoozing (well "Reminders") and archiving. What you will notice once you dive into a message is that, much like a work chat, you'll find double returns between responses rather than solid lines — though Ginger Labs will need to work on removing the cruft of the previous message with subsequent replies.

Really, the app's strengths come in the note-taking features. You're able to jot down thoughts, put in quick spreadsheets, and even create to-do lists. You can even assign your colleagues to certain cells and to-do items and then send the note over to them — they don't need to have the Twobird app as they can collaborate with their own edits right from a web browser. Notes will appear right in the inbox.

At this stage, you won't be getting the most granular notification settings — especially if you run multiple accounts on Twobird — so consider it a companion app to your existing email client. You'll also only be able to use Gmail or G Suite accounts with the app right now. And yes, there's a dark mode included.

Developer: Ginger Labs
Price: Free

Twobird is free for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, though Ginger Labs does have plans for a premium feature set. The company does not intend on profiting off of scraping personal data. You can leave feedback on the app's Product Hunt page, listed below.