There have been a lot of great deals on both the Pixel 3 and the Nest Hub lately, as an improved version of one is on the way and has already arrived of the other. Now, we've got a sweet deal on both at once: if you pick up a $500 Pixel 3 at Best Buy, the retailer will toss in a Nest Hub for free.

Even in light of the newer models, the Pixel 3 and Nest Hub are both still great devices, especially at this price. MSRP on the two twogether is up over $900. The real-world discount isn't quite as impressive, of course; Pixel 3 has been available for as low as $450 recently, and the Nest Hub can be found for $60 or less all the time. Still, this is the cheapest way yet to get your hands on both.

Don't get too excited about that $449 — the phone costs $500 without carrier activation.

It's not clear how long this deal will be available, so if your interest is piqued, you might want to shake a leg before it's too late. Head over to Best Buy's site to take advantage.

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