We're just over a week away from the probable unveiling of the OnePlus TV, but as is customary at the company, little tidbits are being shared in the lead-up. The latest comes in a tweet from CEO Pete Lau and features integration between a phone and the TV that will allow for easier text entry.

This is nothing ground-breaking, of course, since the Android TV remote and Nvidia Shield TV apps already enable this kind of functionality on other devices running Google's big-screen OS. Those apps aren't exactly pretty, however, so OnePlus will hopefully add a bit more flair to its offering that could complement the skin they are likely to add to the TV interface itself.

OnePlus could even take the Apple approach to lock-in and allow its own phones to connect with its TV in ways that you wouldn't get with other Android phones, but that may be viewed as a hostile move by some, especially since the TV is destined for India where many potential customers will have smartphones from various other OEMs. We've not got too long before we'll find out some of these extra details anyway, and the company may well share more in the meantime.