According to the official Stadia Twitter account, the Founder's Edition pack that includes the lovely Night Blue controller and 3 months of Stadia Pro for you and a buddy has now sold out in most countries across Europe. To soften the blow, a new Premiere Edition has been cobbled together that includes most of the same bits but isn't quite so appealing.

The Premiere bundle will come with the Clearly White controller instead, and although you'll still get 3 months of the Pro subscription for free, there will be no Buddy Pass with this pack. It will include the Chromecast Ultra dongle required to play Stadia on a TV and the full Destiny 2 collection, but other perks such as the Founder's badge and first dibs on a username will sadly be missing.

It's not clear how much of Europe has sold out of its Founder's Edition allocation, but it's still possible to pre-order it here in the UK. Pricing for the Premiere Edition appears to be the same €129 in countries it's already available, such as Germany, France, and Spain, which is a kick in the teeth for those who waited too long — but that's just the way it goes. Like the Founder's Edition, Premiere packs are set to go out ahead of the November 14 Stadia launch date.