ActionDash comes from the same dev who brought us Action Launcher, and the latest update to the Digital Wellbeing add-on bumps it up to version 5.0 with a couple of new features. The most intriguing of the new additions is Fresh Start, which kicks you back to the launcher homescreen after you've locked your phone while in another app. There are also some new focus mode options to play with.

In coming up with Fresh Start, Chris Lacy identified an issue I'm sure we've all faced at some point. You're scrolling aimlessly through an app like Instagram, then you lock your phone to do something more important IRL. Later, you come back to your phone to carry out a specific task, but on unlocking it you're greeted once again by your Instagram feed — of course, there are new posts which require your attention. Five minutes and several adorable dog photos later, you can't remember why you picked your phone up in the first place. We've all been there.

To solve this problem, ActionDash will ensure your phone opens to your launcher homescreen after a customizable amount of time has passed. It's simple, but it could do wonders for your productivity. It works with other launchers aside from Action Launcher too.

As well as the all-new Fresh Start, version 5.0 also comes with some enhanced features for the focus mode that was debuted in v4.0. It's now possible to block an app for an entire day, and groups allow you to apply the same rules to multiple apps at once. For the first time, you'll also be able to set the Google Discover feed as a focus mode app, so if you've been using that as a workaround for your time-wasting, you'll be able to give yourself a digital slap on the wrist from now on.

Other smaller improvements include being able to set Saturday as the first day of the week, as requested by users in the Middle East and North Africa, and a custom language override setting so you no longer have to use ActionDash in the same language as the one your phone is set to. You can check out the full release notes below.

ActionDash v5.0 release notes:
• NEW: Introducing "Fresh start", a brand new feature to counter the problem of being thrust straight back into a potentially distracting app after unlocking your phone!
• NEW: Focus mode schedule groups, allowing you to set different apps to block for different focus mode groups!
• NEW: All day focus mode schedules! Particularly handy for creating a schedule to say block work apps on the weekend.
• NEW: When using our home screen app Action Launcher, ActionDash 5.0 allows you to block the accessing the Google Discover feed during focus mode.
• NEW: At the request of our Middle Eastern and North African customers, you can now set Saturday as the first day of the week.
• NEW: A custom language override setting, allowing you to select ActionDash's language independent of the device language(s).

ActionDash version 5.0 is available now, so head to the Play Store and update it if it's not already been pushed to your device.

Download now from APK Mirror

We now have the download available on APK Mirror here. You can also grab the latest version of Action Launcher from there too.