Another day on the Amazon Deals of the Day carousel and this go-around, we're hitting up the storage device manufacturer PNY. If you want a 512GB SD card for well under $100, a 256GB microSD for under $40, or the best price on a 256GB USB-C drive, all of them are on sale until midnight PDT.

The PNY Elite 256GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C flash drive has a necessarily long name thanks to the USB Promoters Group, but what it is able to do for your computer or phone is to read files at up to 130MB per second. The connector is also retractable, too.

Honestly, you might find more utility with SanDisk's Ultra Dual Drive ($40) which converts from USB-A to USB-C with a flick, but PNY's USB-C drive is built just bigger and, thus, more sturdily in our view. In any case, it's available for $45 today, $12 off its most recent price.

Also on sale today are a 256GB microSD card rated U3 and V30 for $33 ($17 off), a 128GB SD card for $16 ($6 off), and a 512GB SD card for $78 ($22 off). We've also got a ton of PNY USB-A drives in the mix that you can check out in the link below.