OnePlus' habit of slowly dribbling product details culminates today with an advance look at the upcoming OnePlus 7T. Founder and CEO Pete Lau has taken to Twitter and the OnePlus forums to give us this early glimpse, posting two photos showing off the new rear design, plus a couple of early sketches for flavor.

The OnePlus 7T looks set to come in a gradient blue color similar to the "Nebula Blue" used in the previous generation, though this seems to be a few shades lighter. It will also be matte again, though we might feel some difference in texture given Lau is touting a new "4th generation" frosted glass.

Not restricting himself to Twitter's 280-character limit, Lau also posted a long design diatribe to OnePlus' forums, praising all the "little things that you don't even notice" when it comes to the anticipated phone. In substance, it's all just so much marketing, but the company does tease a new "metallic" matte surface thanks to ongoing work in chemical etching.

When it comes to the new round camera bump, the company wanted to make a "bold" statement, and all that extra space and "Triple Lens" text is definitely bold, though it could also be a bit easier to wipe clean. Whether you like it or not, Lau says the company selected the design after fifty other iterations.

With OnePlus' next event set for September 26th, we'll see more of the upcoming 7T Series' physical design then — assuming the company doesn't tease us with yet more details in the next nine days.

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