As spotted on Reddit late last night, Google has started running advertisements in Times Square showing off the orange "coral" Pixel 4. The ad invites us to "set a reminder for October 15," the date of Google's upcoming Made by Google event, also set in New York City, at which the phone is expected to be announced.

While the "coral" name still hasn't been confirmed, the ad should be proof enough that the hands-on leaks showing the color weren't flukes, and the Halloween-esque orange and black color combo is official. Frankly, the official name for the orange color may be one of the last details we don't know.

More photos, courtesy of DroidLife.

Over the last couple of weeks, the frenetic pace of Pixel 4 leaks has left almost nothing to the imagination. We know the specs, we've seen hands-on videos and "reviews," and even how the upcoming gesture controls will work. Surprisingly, all this information hasn't eased the enthusiasm of public discussion we've seen — if anything, it seems to be making the phone a point of constant comparison.

Come October 15th, all we might have to say for the Pixel 4 is "here it is, now you can buy one," but today we know for a fact that you'll be able to pick it up in creamsicle.