Google Wifi is, for our money, the best mesh Wi-Fi setup you can get. Soon, it'll reportedly get even better: according to 9to5Google, Google plans to launch a refreshed version of the router system with the Google Assistant built right in at its New York hardware event next month.

The new system will apparently be under the Nest brand, as it moves toward being Google's only smart home line. The main router won't include a speaker, but will come with smaller "beacons" that extend the primary unit's signal and double as speakers roughly on par with Google Home Mini devices.

You'll be able to control the auxiliary units by voice, switching Wi-Fi on or off in different areas of your home — in case you've ever wanted to do that for some reason. The new hardware will also be compatible with existing Google Wifi units, so you can pick up a new speaker-equipped beacon and slot it into your current setup. 9to5 didn't have any details on pricing or availability, but you can expect to hear more on October 15.