Keyboard apps have gradually evolved from simple text input tools to Swiss Army knives, allowing you to share everything from links and stickers to videos. Fleksy decided to go one step further, and finally lets you do the one thing you've always wanted to do on a keyboard: Watch news, cooking tips, and other clips from your favorite TV networks!

Yes, Fleksy now allows you to watch short clips while you're chatting, accessible through the menu button on the top left of the keyboard. The integrated video player is fairly huge, to say the least, stretching to both edges of the screen. Thus, you'll only have hilariously little space left for the actual chat, depicted in a GIF courtesy of Fleksy itself:

The content is provided by MSNBC, CBS, TicToc, NY1, NowThis, Cheddar, and more similar to them, so don't expect to find everything you're looking for among these. To be fair, Fleksy has allowed you to watch YouTube videos right on top of the keyboard for some time already, but these videos are much smaller, similar in size to the regular picture-in-picture mode – which lets you cherry-pick what to watch before chatting without using Fleksy's cramped, recommendation-driven interface.

Left: Fleksy's new 'TV' interface. Middle: Fleksy's YouTube interface. Right: Gboard's search function.

Google's Gboard offers a similarly huge interface at times, but at least its approach is focused on communication, allowing you to search for GIFs and info cards to send right inside the keyboard and forgoing the possibility to watch videos through it altogether. While Gboard's solution is already flimsy, Fleksy's approach is simply so obnoxious, barely discoverable, and hard to use that it ends up being hilarious.