Last summer, The Beeb (as it's affectionately known on my side of the pond) launched a new app for all of its various audio content, inventively called BBC Sounds. At that point, we knew the BBC iPlayer Radio app's days were numbered, but now the time has finally come to say goodbye to what many people still believe is the superior app.

As of yesterday, iPlayer Radio is entering a staggered shutdown process, with one tipster writing in yesterday to tell us it had stopped working for them already. Splash pages in the outgoing app nudge users towards the Sounds app, but not everyone is happy with the enforced switch. By the BBC's own admission, the new experience was designed with younger people in mind, and as such, it looks to be putting long-time users off.

Complaints (just look at Twitter) about BBC Sounds encompass missing features such as the alarm clock or widget and a less user-friendly interface. The BBC Sounds app isn't available outside the UK yet, but you can access the same content on the website and the international version of the iPlayer Radio app will continue for a little bit longer too.

If you want to keep listening to live BBC radio content and pre-recorded podcasts in the UK, you will need to download the BBC Sounds app, unfortunately. Do so from the Play Store (below) or from APK Mirror (version 1.11). It's also been said that a sorting feature for downloads, subscriptions, and bookmarks is in the works, so look out for that in a future update.

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