Samsung's yearly smartphone strategy has been the same for years release a new mainstream Galaxy S device in the spring and a more premium Galaxy Note phone in the fall. Now that there are so few hardware and software differences between the two lineups, there has been plenty of speculation that they might be merged, and a new report from Evan Blass is lending more credibility towards the idea.

Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks, said on Twitter, "Samsung is said to be debating future Galaxy branding, including eliminating the distinction [between] the S and Note lines. Could manifest in different ways, possibly [with] a 'Galaxy One' in lieu of an S11. [..] One possibility is to simply fuse them into a single-first half handset, essentially an S-series with an S-Pen." Blass went on to say that if the Galaxy Fold performs as well as Samsung hopes, it could replace the Note lineup as Samsung's latter-year premium flagship.

Twitter screenshot

Merging the Galaxy S and Note lines would be a substantial shift for Samsung, but it makes sense. The Note series has become more like the Galaxy S line with every passing year, leaving the S-Pen and a handful of exclusive software features (like DeX on Mac/Windows) as the only differentiating factors. Samsung even released a smaller Note10 this year, so a Galaxy S phone with an S-Pen wouldn't be much of a change.