Google has formally revealed the previously rumored October 15h date for its Made by Google event, at which we expect the Pixel 4 to be launched. There's still plenty of time left for more leaks with just under a month left until the event, though Google might not have much left to show us when it comes to the new phone's unveiling.

YouTube link for the event is already live, but nothing to see until October 15th. 

The first rumblings of an October event (outside tradition itself) date back to June when a leaked Verizon roadmap showed what appeared to be a late October event on a marketing calendar. The month-wide range was never really in question, given the volume of leaks and slow buildup, but a precise date wasn't certain until more recent information suggested an October 15th date, now officially confirmed.

An official YouTube link for the October 15th event is also set to go live at 10 AM ET, though you can bookmark it now to get ready. At the event, we anticipate seeing the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, as well as the leaked "Nest Mini," plus whatever other surprises Google might have in store.

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