When Android 10 was released, a handful of features spotted in the earlier betas weren't present. According to a bit of digging the by the folks at XDA Developers, some of those features including the Tasker-like "Rules" and built-in screen recorder may still be planned, as they were spotted on videos posted to a Google Photos page linked to by an internal version of the Google Camera app, which has since been taken down.

A video from the now-removed page showing a "Rules" section in Settings -> System.

Though we still haven't had a chance to see it for ourselves, the anticipated "Rules" feature should provide functionality similar to other automation apps like Tasker or IFTTT, changing settings or performing actions based on configurable triggers, but with the benefit of system integration.

Recall's notification and app icon in the videos. 

A "Recall" app also appears on the home screen in the videos, with an ongoing "recording" notification visible at other times. Based on the apparent functionality and "Recall is recording" notification text, it isn't too much of a stretch to assume that this new Recall app is responsible for recording these videos themselves. It's probably tied to the screen recording functionality spotted and subsequently removed in the Android Q betas/Android 10, though it could also be a tool for Google's internal use only.

Volta as a target in the Share Sheet.

Outside those "missing" features, a new Volta app was also shown off as a target in the Share Sheet. We aren't entirely sure what it might be for, though its icon would imply it has something to do with power or the battery, potentially related to Android 5.0 Lollipop's "Project Volta."

Other details included in the now-removed page describe increased attention to camera performance by Google's engineers — not just for the camera-related development teams, but across all of Android. The page describes new priorities, including a "pivot to focusing on 'snappiness,'" and that includes mitigating slow camera app launch times. Apparently, the dogfooded version of the Google Camera app for Google's internal beta testers will prompt them to send logs and a bug report if the app takes too long to open, so issues responsible can be pinned down. (This same prompt apparently pointed at the now-removed Google Photos page all this information comes from.)

All four videos from the album are available here: (1) (2) (3) (4).

With names and strings revealed by these videos, we could see a few more details pop up in the coming weeks as folks tear through the current Android 10 images looking for references. Some of these features might also be announced together with the Pixel 4 at Google's anticipated October event, though it's equally possible others are meant for internal use only, and could never see the light of day.