Fans of discounts should be glad to hear that Google's own storefront has just picked up a whole new category of products: Refurbs. Today we spotted a new section of the Google Store selling nothing but first-party refurbished products, all supposedly held to "the same high standards and rigorous testing of any device with the Google name." Right now all it's slinging are refurbished Pixelbooks and Google Wifi 3-packs in limited quantities.

Screenshot showing the only two items in the refurbished section of the Google Store.

These two products and the section of the store itself are part of a "Certified Refurbished" program which sounds awfully familiar. Google promises that the refurbished devices it sells are in like-new quality and have undergone extensive inspections, cleaning, and testing to meet the company's requirements. It even promises a 1-year warranty, with similar financing options available at the time of checkout.

As of right now, all you can buy in the refurbished storefront are the i5/128 GB version of the Pixelbook for $749, or a Google Wifi 3-pack for $179. Considering the Pixelbook has been as cheap as $600 for both new and refurbished before (among other lower prices), it's not exactly a screaming deal, but it's less than we've seen recently. The Google Wifi 3-pack is a much better price in comparison. Quantities for both are limited.

There are only the two older products listed in this new refurbished section for now, and there hasn't been any formal announcement for this new Certified Refurbished program or refurb storefront. So far as we can tell, it's brand new as of today — so much so that a few links on the page like the "Learn more" button in the warranty section don't even work. We reached out to Google for more information but hadn't received a response at the time of writing.