It just so happens that we all tend to lose a wall charger every now and then, be it because of a power surge or because we're in a rush trying to make it out of the hotel before checkout time. Fortunately, Anker runs sales on its chargers pretty often on Amazon and we think its PowerPort Atom III block pulling 60W is a swell steal at $11 off, but you gotta get it before midnight PDT.

If you're not familiar with what Gallium nitride can do for a charger, you're seeing it in the amount of punch it can pack at 60 whole watts and in the size savings — Anker claims it to be 15% smaller than a comparable Apple MacBook Pro charger. This particular unit has a USB-C port which can put through 45W your laptop and a USB-A to do 15W for your phone.

The PowerPort Atom III's been selling on Amazon for $43 since it debuted a couple months ago, but we're now at its first deal and for $11 off, you're not doing too shabby at $32. It's backed with an 18-month warranty from Anker and free returns fulfilled by Amazon.

The deal — and other ones from Anker that you can find here — lasts until midnight PDT, so grab one before you get sticker shock.

Deal is back

The charger has been stuck at $43 for about a month, but we can report that it fell back to $32 today. If you want one, get it while the price lasts!