Following the avalanche of leaks, we're all pretty excited for Google's upcoming Pixel 4. But, although the Pixel 4 may have been the biggest news here at Android Police, Apple's new iPhone 11s have been dominating the headlines otherwise. Now that we've seen the Pixel 4, and with a good chunk of our audience reading these very words from an iPhone, we're curious to know how many of you might have pre-ordered one of Apple's new phones.

I know, a lot of our readership doesn't have much love for Apple's phones, so we expect "no" to win in a landslide. Still, I've noticed that the number of people in comments talking about using the iPhone is picking up. Mix in the work/personal phone dichotomy many of us adhere to, and there are benefits to straddling both ecosystems — you can use every game or app regardless of where it lands, and make use of every exclusive feature.

Of course, it's not just the platform agnostics that might be interested. Last year when the subject came up, a few folks said they'd be migrating to Apple if the next set of Pixels didn't please. Now that we have a good idea for what to expect from the Pixel 4, some of you might be staring at the iPhone pre-order page wondering if the grass is a little greener. (As a recent iPad convert, I'm thinking about it, myself.)

So, are you going to get one of the new iPhones?

Are you buying one of Apple's new iPhones?

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