When I pack my bags before traveling, I use something I call my "packlist," which is basically a to-do list that I re-use every time I'm going somewhere. Next to the obvious "tees" and "underwear" entries, I have at least four different chargers: one for my Mac, another one for my smartwatch, a USB-C cable to power up my phone, and a microUSB cord to plug my headphones and battery pack. You could argue I could save myself the trouble of taking so many with me by using adapters, but I usually need to fill up several if not all my devices at the same time, which is why all-in-one chargers are perfectly adapted to me. Satechi's excellent travel charger is of the best on the market, and it's now selling for $47.99, a $12 drop from its previous $59.99 price.

The product can deliver up to 75W through a USB-C PD, a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A, and two standard 2.4A USB-A ports. The first one can support up to 60W, which is more than enough to power most USB-C laptops, including the latest MacBooks. Unfortunately, the "travel" charger only comes with a North American plug, but it's a standard cord so it should be pretty easy to find international ones if you're going overseas.

You can read our full product review to know more about the Satechi Type-C 75W Travel Charger if you're still hesitant. Otherwise, just click the link below to get yours.

The deal is back again, with the charger selling for $48 on Amazon. There's no mention of of end date, but we recommend you get your unit quickly, as the sale may not last.