Of all the places to put a security camera, the front door is one of the most practical and least invasive. Google's Nest makes a great option in the Hello, a connected doorbell with a camera built right in. You can get one for $164 right now on Rakuten, a whole $65 off MSRP.

The Hello is a great little device, featuring a wide-angle lens over a 1200p sensor with HDR and night vision that can see perfectly clearly, day or night. It also integrates very nicely with Google's device ecosystem: smart displays will show who's at the door, and Google Home speakers can act as door chimes. The only real drawback is that in order to store footage from the camera, you have to pay for a Nest Aware subscription. Those start at five bucks a month. For a more in-depth analysis (and to watch a video of an Amazon delivery driver brazenly hucking a package onto a porch), check out Ryan's full review.

Seller Good Guy Electronics has the camera for $192.99 at its Rakuten storefront, already considerably under what many other retailers are charging, and coupon code GG29 will further reduce the price to $163.99. Like all Rakuten coupons, you'll need a membership to use this one — but that's free, and it hardly takes any time at all to sign up. Hit the link below to take advantage of this sale; you've got until the end of the day on September 18.