Hulu told Variety yesterday that it has dropped support for Google's Daydream VR platform. The feature was silently disabled in updates to the Android app over the last few weeks. Hulu's support page also confirms the change.

The VR experience with Google Daydream is no longer supported for Android mobile devices running version 3.55 or newer of the Hulu app. That said, it is still available on Daydream-capable Android devices running version 3.54.1 or older of the Hulu app.

While older versions of the app are presumably still working for now, the nature of DRM-distributed media assures they'll eventually stop functioning. Humorously, Google still lists Hulu at the Daydream site.

Screenshot from Google's Daydream site, still listing Hulu as a supported app.

When asked, Variety reports that both Hulu and Google declined to comment.